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The Teachers Academy program consists of three parts- a Bachelor's Degree, a Seminary program, and work experience. 



Bachelor's Degree

The Teachers Academy bachelor’s degree is offered in conjunction with Testing and Training International and is accredited by Excelsior College.

The goal of The Teachers Academy is to produce skilled teachers, and therefore the BA has a focus on education.  The courses offered align with the Arizona requirements for becoming a certified teacher. These courses are standard requirements for education degrees across the country.


A large portion of the BA is self-study. You will be provided with study guides and are required to study the course materials. We will have experts on staff who can assist you with the materials, should you need it.  Once you have mastered the materials, you will sit an exam. A passing grade on the exam confers the college credits for that course.

During the year, you will be taking approximately one exam per week. The exams are between 90 minutes and 3 hours long.  


Additionally, you will receive intensive teacher training classes from Mrs. Malka Ungar, Director of Education. Mrs. Ungar will work with each of you to hone your skills, giving you practical tips on setting up your classroom, classroom management, lesson planning, setting expectations, guiding your students abilities, data driven instruction, and creating curriculum. 




The Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area has an illustrious Torah community with many esteemed Rabbis and Rebbetzins.


Seminary teachers include:

  • Rabbi Shafir Roizman
  • Rebbetzin Cindy Landesman
    • Rebbetzin Landesman is the Director of Shaarei Bina Institute for Continuing Education, and a Mechaneches at Shearim Torah High School for Girls .
  • Rabbi Nosson Ungar
    • Rabbi Ungar is the 5th grade Rebbe and Director of Judaic Curriculum at Torah Day School of Phoenix.


Seminary classes are be offered three evenings a week. Subjects offered include Halacha, Hashkafa, Chumash, and Jewish history.



Work Experience

As part of your teacher training, you will be given a job at Torah Day School of Phoenix. These jobs are part-time (4 hours a day) but could be full time (8 hours a day) if requested.


Jobs include:

  • Classroom assistant, Elementary School
  • Classroom assistant, Preschool
  • Resource room teacher
  • Middle school extra curricular activities coordinator


You can let us know in the application which job you feel you would be most suited for.

All work experience is paid.